Special Optical Fiber Proof-Testing Machine




Main technical specification

1 Structural speed 10~1500±2m/min

Fiber diameter

(0.06~0.5)mm. ±0.05


Fiber reel number

1 reel

4 Fiber tension

2N~100N,Accuracy of ±0.1N

5 Pay-off and take-up tension 10~100g
6 Pay-off reel size standard 25Km、50Km、100Km
7 Take-up reel size standard 25Km、50Km、100Km
8 Proof-testing and rewinding function Two in one

Equipment composition

1 Fiber pay-off cabinet 1set
2 Pay-off dancer 1set
3 Proof-testing device 1set
4 Take-up dancer 1set
5 Fiber take-up cabinet 1set
6 Electric control system 1set
7 Both ends of the pay-off and take-up are equipped with electrostatic removal facilities 1set